Celebrating with a bang

Celebrating with a bang

Celebrating birthdays hasn’t always been a common occurrence. In fact, celebrating birthdays only came about when calendars were first created, and the celebrations have changed a lot over the years.

There are all sorts of theories as to how celebrating birthdays first began. The earliest known mention of a birthday was 3,000 BCE and was referencing a Pharaoh's birthday. Pagans believed that birthdays brought evil spirits, so would light candles and gather around the birthday boy or girl, protecting them from harm with cheers, well-wishes and gifts to ward off the evil spirits.

These days, birthdays are a little more light-hearted, and celebrating them is an exciting occasion for all family and friends involved. But what are some fun and exciting ways to start celebrating birthdays? We’ve explored some ideas as to how you can start celebrating your own birthday, as well as helping your loved ones to make the most of theirs too.

Celebrating Your Own Birthday

Birthdays are all about celebrating with your favourite things and your favourite people. First off, you should treat yourself to your favourite food for breakfast, even if it’s ice-cream! Your day is all about treating yourself, so why not also head to your favourite outdoor spot, regardless of what the weather’s doing. You could also begin celebrating by going shopping, just for yourself for a change, making sure you come back with something you wouldn’t normally buy as a special treat to yourself.

You could even start celebrating with some nostalgia, having a go at your favourite childhood activities like riding your bike or making a den with your friends in your back garden. This will bring back fond memories and you’ll also have a lot of fun celebrating this way.

What’s something you’ve always fancied having a go at? Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to give something new a go! Do something daring and go on an adventure with your close family, or make a memory with your other half by doing something totally new and completely different. Then head back home for a relaxing family dinner afterwards to keep the celebrations going.

If you’re looking to do something sentimental to celebrate your birthday, think back on everything you’ve achieved since your last birthday. Then, sit down to write down some aspirations for the next year. Perhaps you’ve got some fitness goals you’d like to reach, or you’re looking to go on a course to learn something new. Consider what you’d like to achieve by your next birthday, so you’ve got the opportunity to go even more wild celebrating next year! Birthdays are also the perfect opportunity to set some positive resolutions to help you get where you’d like to be.

Some people like celebrating by giving their time to others. Visit the care home down the road to hear some stories, or lend a hand at the local soup kitchen to really give back on your birthday. You could even ask your friends and family to make a charitable donation instead of handing you a birthday present this year if there’s a cause that’s close to your heart.

However you decide to make your birthday special, celebrating by doing what you love with who you love is sure to make it a birthday to remember.

Celebrating A Loved One’s Birthday

If you’ve got someone special in your life, whether they’re a friend, a family member or a partner, you’ll want to go above and beyond when their birthday comes around. Celebrating a loved one’s birthday can be a lot of fun, because you get to plan the day, making it as exciting and special for them as possible.

Start off celebrating with a birthday schedule. Create a fun timetable of everything you’re doing that day and fill it with all their favourite things. Begin the day in their favourite breakfast spot, and spend the rest of their birthday celebrating by going to their favourite places or taking part in something they’ve always wanted to have a go at.

Organise a night in with all their friends, so they can continue celebrating with a relaxing evening with their favourite films, and the most delicious takeaway in the area. Or, if they prefer going out, why not head into town for a karaoke night and some cocktails?

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If you can’t be with your someone special on their birthday, there are still plenty of ways to help them celebrate, such as sending cards for them to open on their birthday morning. Cards are wonderful reminders of the people who care when birthdays come around, so will always be gratefully received. You could also create a care package full of some of their favourite things for something for them to open on their birthday that lets them know you’re thinking of them. Wrap up chocolates, candles, books, their preferred tipple and a gift card for their favourite shop so they can treat themselves on their birthday. Over at Gift Card Store, when you send an eGift, you can even add in a personal message, brightening the birthday of your loved ones.

Celebrating birthdays has changed dramatically over the years. They’re now exciting occasions that many people tend to look forward to. Whether you’re celebrating your own or your loved ones’ birthdays, there are plenty of ways to make them extra special. Gift Card Store is here for thoughtful gifts your loved ones will appreciate on their special day. Take a look at our vast selection of gift cards and eGifts to find birthday presents that will really get them celebrating.