Wishing them well on their next chapter

Wishing them well on their next chapter

Retirement gifts are really kind gestures that show your colleague or friend how much you’ve enjoyed working with them, how much value they’ve brought to the company, and how much you wish them well for the next stage in their life. Knowing which retirement gifts to choose can be tricky depending on how well you know them, but with our tricks up your sleeve, you’ll know you’ve nailed it.

Take a look at our ideas to find the retirement gifts that’ll give them a new lease of life.

A Real Treat

One of the most popular retirement gifts is a new watch. Not only can this be a quality piece that they can wear for years to come, but it’s also a gift that’s symbolic of their years of service to the company. If watches aren’t their thing, you could go for another piece of jewellery to commemorate the occasion. These kinds of retirement gifts could be engraved with their initials or a short message from the team to make them even more meaningful.

If you’re looking for little retirement gifts to ease them into a life without work, small treats like plants, flowers and chocolates could be the answer. You can even send a subscription so that every month for the next year, the retiree will receive a new beautiful bunch of flowers to remind them that their old colleagues are still thinking of them and missing them. Encourage them to finally relax by packing up some bath bombs or candles to let those work worries finally flicker away.

To give them something fun to do, why not get them some tickets to a theatre performance? A few of you could even go along for a little team reunion and catch up. You could also schedule a meet-up in the near future by giving them a Restaurant Favourites Gift Card. They’ll have plenty of free time on their hands now, so they’re sure to want to spend some with their old work mates. Now they’ll be spending more time at home, wrap them up a new piece of artwork for their living room, or a home gift card that’ll let them splash out on making their house a haven for their retirement.

Sentimental Retirement Gifts

Sometimes it’s nice to go sentimental and meaningful with your retirement gifts. Put together a photo book or a scrapbook of all the best memories they’ve had at the company. This will let them relive their favourite moments and be reminded of them every time they look at the book. You could get a photograph printed of all their colleagues and pop it into a beautiful frame for them to enjoy for years to come. Alternatively, get a photograph of them printed onto T-Shirts for everyone in the company to wear on the retiree’s last day.

Contact their closest clients, customers and colleagues and ask them for a handwritten note. You could compile all of these together in a memory box to remind the retiree of the significant impact they’ve had on the company throughout the years they’ve worked there.

Something To Look To The Future

Many people look forward to retirement as they’ll finally have the time to start doing more of the things they enjoy the most, and your retirement gifts should always bear their hobbies and interests in mind. Wrap them something up that’s going to help them spend more time with their hobby, or even start a new one that they’ve been talking about for ages. This could be anything from a new set of golf clubs to a musical instrument; a pair of running trainers to language lessons. If they’ve spoken about it a few times, chances are they’re interested in giving it a go.

Spending time with their growing families is incredibly important to many retirees, so why not use your retirement gifts as an opportunity to give them something to do with their family. You could fill a box with games for them to play with their grandchildren, or maps of the local areas to go walking and exploring with their family. You could even give them a new digital camera so they can take photographs to cherish the memories they create during their retirement.

One of the most useful retirement gifts could be a Fashion Choice Gift Card. Now they’ve retired, they won’t have much use for their office wear or work uniforms, but that’ll leave a big gap in their wardrobe. With more days off too, they’ll need plenty more outfits to wear, so they’re sure to really appreciate retirement gifts like clothes that’ll let them settle into time off with ease.

Retirement is the unsung hero of life’s milestones, so your retirement gifts should reflect just how much time, energy and effort the retiree has spent building the business and enhancing their skills, every single day of their working life. Gift cards will let your treasured retiree take some well-deserved time for themselves and focus their time on something they’ve been looking forward to for years. Take a look at all of the gift cards we have over at Gift Card Store to pick out the retirement gifts that really show how much you enjoyed and valued your time working together.