Student Choice Gift Card

Student Choice Gift Card
Gifts for students can be tricky; you want to give them something that they can enjoy, but you’ve no idea what that might be! The Student Choice gift card is the perfect answer; a flexible and practical gift that puts the choice in their hands. No matter if it’s your son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandchild, or a family friend, if they’re off to college or university and you’re looking for the perfect present, a gift card designed specifically for students is a great way to set them up for the year ahead. From birthdays to Christmas, “well done on your exams” to “thinking of you”, the Student Choice gift card is a flexible and practical gift that can be spent anyway they please. (Terms & Conditions apply)
The Cardholder Agreement is available from
The card can be used on the Student Choice website as payment method for any of our digital brands, e.g. Spotify. Go to the website and find out more information! Hand gift card to employee, the card needs to be swiped through the PDQ via the mag stripe as a Creditcard.
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