About Blackhawk Network

GiftCardStore.co.uk is the official web site for popular gift cards operated by Blackhawk Network in over 5,000 retail stores nationwide.

GiftCardStore.co.uk makes it easy to buy popular gift card brands like Amazon, iTunes, Debenhams, Jamie’s Italian and more! You can purchase e-gift cards from a variety of UK retailers and brands.

Blackhawk Network is a leading prepaid and payments network which supports the program management and the physical digital distribution of a large range of prepaid products. Blackhawk Network utilizes proprietary technology to provide consumers a wide selection of gift cards, prepaid telecom handsets, airtime cards and general purpose reloadable cards across a global network totaling more than 180,000 locations worldwide. Through Blackhawk’s digital platform, the company supports prepaid products across a growing network of digital distribution partners including leading retailers, financial service providers, social apps, mobile wallets and other integrated physical-to-digital channels. Founded in 2001, Blackhawk Network is headquartered in Pleasanton, California USA with more than 3,000 employees, and offers products and services in the United States as well as 21 other countries.