Easter Gifts That’ll Bring Smiles All Round

Put a smile on their faces with these great gift ideas

Easter gifts could be just the thing we all need to put a smile on our faces. In these times of uncertainty that we’re navigating through, it’s making our loved ones happy that’s at the top of our to-do lists. That’s why we’ve put together a list of things that you’ll be able to make, buy online or send through the post to your loved ones to be sure that you can still make them smile, even if you’re not there to spend the day with them.

Homemade Easter Gifts

Often, the most thoughtful Easter gifts are the ones that have been made by hand. These are also great fun for the kids to get involved in. If your friends and relatives live nearby, you could bake them a cake or some Easter cookies and drop them off on their doorsteps for surprise Easter gifts.

If they live further afield, you could creatively fill up a jar with all the dry ingredients for some cookies, decorate the jar and send in the post with a note. These creative and thoughtful Easter gifts will not only put a smile on your loved ones’ faces but will also give them something fun to do over the Easter weekend! If you’re feeling crafty, make some Easter cards for your friends and send them out for a nice surprise. For truly meaningful Easter gifts, you could encourage the kids to draw their grandparents, aunties, and uncles Easter pictures for them to display proudly in the homes during the festivities. Pop them in an envelope and post them, or hand deliver them whilst you’re on your daily walk; the kids will be so excited for their relatives to receive their Easter gifts.

For homemade Easter gifts that you or the kids could give to other people in your household, why not get really crafty? Decorate eggs for each other in the morning, then open them up and have them for breakfast! Find some old sun hats out and encourage the kids to decorate them using whatever they fancy; pom poms, sequins, paints - whatever you have in the craft box! They can then parade around the house all weekend in their Easter bonnets that they’ve gifted to each other. Or, you could get really messy and make some paper-mache bowls for each other. Once they’ve dried, get painting an Easter pattern and present it to your loved one for them to keep their Easter sweets and chocolate in.

Something for Spring

When Easter comes knocking, it usually comes hand in hand with a feeling of spring in the air, so it’ll be nice to send some spring over to your loved ones, as none of us can be in the outdoors as much as we’d like at the moment. Your Easter gifts could include something fresh for the home such as plants or flowers. Plenty of these can be sent online now, and it’ll help to bring some of the outdoors in, letting your loved ones feel a spring in their step. Seeing as many of us are spending more time in our gardens, your Easter gifts could also include some seed packets for your friends and family to plant. Once they start to grow, they will be reminded of this time, and how you put a smile on their face with your Easter gifts.

Easter gifts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and you could send your family ties, hats, and socks, all with a spring theme. A tie with Easter bunnies all over is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. You could also send spring in a jar by posting a spring-scented candle to bring the fresh smells of the season over to your family members so they can enjoy the smells of spring from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Special Treats

Easter is seen as a time of new beginnings for many, as it brings with it the start of a new season. With warmer weather upon us, perhaps it’s time for a new set of floral pyjamas? For the little ones, make it more of an Easter gift with a pair of bunny pyjamas!

If your family are lucky enough to have a garden, you could send them over some fun Easter gifts such as balls and frisbees that they can spend time together with in their bit of outdoor space. Or, for those who are quite content indoors, why not let them pamper themselves? Easter gifts such as bath bombs and nail polish will let your friends indulge in a stay-at-home spa day this Easter, so they can really relax.

The old favourites will never go amiss either, so tasty Easter gifts such as sweets and chocolate will always go down a treat, no matter who you’re wanting to surprise. Both children and grown-ups alike will appreciate this gesture, letting them know that you’re still thinking of them, even though you can’t be together. The kids will love some new cuddly toys this Easter, so you could order a soft bunny online and get it posted to them for Easter gifts they’ll treasure into the future. Or, if you’ve taken up knitting, make them a toy and post it over for a really meaningful surprise.

If you’re loved ones are into reading, send them a One4all Gift Card from Gift Card Store and they’ll be able to choose some books that are sure to keep them busy over the coming months. You can choose to send the card via post or directly to their mobile or email inbox. There are plenty more eGifts too at Gift Card Store that’ll make great Easter gifts that are also really thoughtful, no-contact gestures. Sending an eGift will mean that your friends and family will be able to have fun choosing a treat online, or they can save it and look forward to spending it with you in the future.

Easter gifts will be so important this year to keep spirits high and families smiling through their separation. There are plenty of ways to be creative through your Easter gifts, and Gift Card Store is here to make it a special occasion, no matter what. Take a look at our selection of eGifts for thoughtful Easter gifts that will be more special than ever.