Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Stay at home activities for a day to remember

Whether you’ll be spending the day at home, or you want to send her a special gift to her to make her day, we’ve got you covered at Gift Card Store. From breakfast in bed to brain-boosting activities, there are plenty of Mother’s Day ideas to make the day a success without even setting foot outside your home. We’ve put together some Mother’s Day gift ideas so you can make sure your mum feels truly special this year

Whip up some tasty treats

If you’re staying in with mum this year, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. There are lots of delicious Mother’s Day ideas that you can get stuck into. You can start the day with the old classic: breakfast in bed. Cook up your mum’s favourite breakfast and take it up to her bedroom with a lovingly made cup of tea or coffee to put a smile on her face the second she wakes up.

If you’re looking for extra special Mother’s Day ideas, you could bake your favourite treats together. Whether it’s cake, biscuits or bread, baking something together that you can both enjoy afterwards is a great way to spend some quality time together this Mother’s Day. You could go all out serve an array of different treats with a pot of tea, coffee or even some bubbly to make your own afternoon tea at home.

If Mother’s Day ideas involve dinner in the evening, cooking a restaurant-standard meal together is a great way to make the say even more special. This is one of the nicest Mother’s Day ideas, giving you the chance to chat as you chop, bond as you boil and spend quality time together as you serve up your homemade meal. If she has a favourite cuisine or specific dietary requirements, picking up a cookbook to reflect that is a great way to make it that bit more personal.

Relax at Home

Mother's Day is all about letting your mum take the day to relax. A great way to show her you care is to give her a gift that will help her unwind and take her mind off things, like an essential oil diffuser, a new book she’s been wanting to read, or a luxurious skincare set for an at-home pampering session.

You could even start your day with a morning yoga class together. There are plenty of online videos that will let you stretch out your muscles without stepping out your front door. If you can’t be with her in person, you can send her a link via text message so you can do the class at the same time and arrange to catch up over a video chat afterwards when you’re both feeling relaxed, energised and ready for the day.

Enjoy a Movie Night

One of the best ways to bond with your mum is simply by doing something fun together. There are many fun Mother’s Day ideas for your day at home with each other that’ll make this Mother’s Day the best one yet. A great way to spend quality time together doing something you both enjoy is by watching a film together. Of course, mum should get to pick the film, and there should be plenty of snacks and supplies to make this family occasion a special one. If you can’t be with your mum in person, you could arrange to watch something on Netflix at the same time and share your thoughts and reactions as you watch. If your mum doesn’t have a Netflix account, treat her to a Netflix eGift Card so she can get the full experience without worrying about the cost.

Depending on how your mum enjoys spending her time, fun, stay-at-home Mother’s Day ideas should come naturally. You could do something to boost your brainpower and complete a jigsaw puzzle together to get your minds in gear. If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day from a distance this year, why not challenge her to a competition to see who can complete the puzzle first? You can set a time limit and present your attempts over a video call to make it a memorable Mother’s Day you’ll talk about for years to come!

Go down memory lane

If you’re looking for more sentimental Mother’s Day ideas, there’s a lot to be said for something as simple as collecting some photographs and going through them all on Mother’s Day together. They can be from when you were little, right up to recent occasions, your mum will always love looking through treasured photographs of her family. If you’re unable to make it home for the occasion, putting together a digital slideshow of memories will be a lovely, personal gift that she will treasure for years to come.

Indulge in a little retail therapy

If your tradition usually includes hitting the shops together, then hop onto the computer and do some online shopping together. It’ll be just as much fun as hitting the high street, and what’s even better, you can do it in your pyjamas while listening to your favourite tunes! If you won’t be able to make it home, a great way to treat your mum is with a Gift Card so she can pick something special for herself.

Send a Gift Card directly to her home address or choose an eGift that’ll go straight into her inbox. She can save it for a day when she can hit the shops with you, or she can even jump online to start shopping straight away. Take a look at our selection for great Mother’s Day ideas, wherever your day takes you. Each product mentioned in this blog post can be purchased from our gift card retail partners.