Valentine’s Day Ideas

Making your day magical

The most romantic day of the year is nearly upon us, so if you haven’t already, you need to start thinking about some Valentine’s Day ideas. This special day isn’t all about presents either. Making sure you’ve got some activities planned will make your Valentine’s Day one to remember, putting you firmly in the good books.

We’ve got some lockdown-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas primed and ready, so you can start planning the romance and getting excited about the big day.

The Great Outdoors

The beautiful outdoors makes for a romantic setting that’s sure to set the tone for the day. You could start your Valentine’s Day off with an early morning stroll, or even get up early and watch the sun come up together. When it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas, it’s nice to finish off your walk with a cup of coffee or breakfast when you return home. If you don’t live together, a relaxed coffee catch-up over zoom will get your romantic day off to the best start.

Boost Those Endorphins

Get those muscles moving this Valentine’s Day. Make your daily exercise more collaborative with the day that’s in it by going for a quick bike ride together around your neighbourhood. If you want some more chilled out Valentine’s Day ideas, how about an invigorating online yoga class? Stretching out together will leave you feeling both relaxed and energised before enjoying a romantic evening together.

Get Creative

Valentine’s Day ideas often include flowers, chocolate, wine and dinner, which are all great for romance, but something a bit different might let you get to know each other even better. Get creative with some paints and create a work of art for one another. If they’re any good, get them framed and enjoy them for the years to come. This could be a tradition every Valentine’s Day if you’ve got enough wall space! If you’re not the artistic types, you could get creative in the kitchen instead by cooking a delicious meal together. Follow a recipe or create something with the ingredients you’ve already got and make this year’s Valentine’s dinner even more special.

Musical Memories

If you’re both music fans, you could treat them to a Spotify eGift Card so they can enjoy their favourite music ad-free. Go the extra mile and make a playlist of all your favourite songs that you can play for them on the day. If you usually spend your Valentine’s Day by going to a gig together, why not relive some of those memories by watching a live musical performance your TV screen? YouTube has a huge selection of top-quality musical performances that are guaranteed to make you feel like you’re at a music festival, without the rain and dodgy camping conditions!

Movie Marathon

Seeing as we will be staying in this Valentine’s Day, how about a movie marathon? If you want to keep it Valentine’s Day themed, you could watch a few romantic films, but if horror or thriller are more your things, there’s no reason why these won’t make for a great stay-at-home Valentine’s Day. If you don’t want to show up empty-handed, surprise them with a Netflix eGift Card so you can treat them to this and many more movie nights to come.  

Something to Look Forward to

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get away together. While that isn’t possible at this moment in time, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend the day planning the perfect staycation that you can take when it’s safe to do so again. Have a look at the location and make a list of all the things you want to do in the area. When the time comes, you can relax knowing your itinerary has been taken care of! If you want to surprise your other half, you could even pick up a voucher for the hotel in advance and really give yourselves something to look forward to.

Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures are what Valentine’s Day is all about. To bring back those butterflies of your early relationship, you could cosy up on the sofa and watch the film you first went to see at the cinema for a really romantic night in this Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of other romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that you can get involved in, one of the main ones being gifts. A great present idea is to get each other gift cards.

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