Choosing thoughtful gifts for men

Choosing thoughtful gifts for men

Choosing gifts for men can be a tiresome task. Whether you’re a man or not, selecting thoughtful, fun and exciting gifts for brothers, husbands, dads and friends can be difficult no matter how well you know them. Knowing for sure what they will like is a tricky business, but with our helpful hints and tips, you’ll soon be confident to adorn all the men in your life with gifts that are sure to make them smile.

Something to Wear

It’s easy to believe that when it comes to gifts for men, you can’t go far wrong with something to wear. A nice new shirt or a pair of jeans should always go down a treat. The only stumbling block is whether or not you’re confident you know their style. If you’re not, how about a Fashion Choice gift card so they can go and choose their next big night out ensemble for themselves.

When there’s a holiday coming up, a new pair of sunglasses are fantastic gifts for men. There’s nothing like hitting the beach, feeling cool and smart in your new shades. The only problem is, without trying them on, it’s near impossible to figure out which shapes and styles will suit them best.

Alternatively, if winter sun isn’t on the agenda, a dressing gown should be on your list of gifts for men. Who doesn’t enjoy snuggling up in a new fluffy dressing gown as the nights draw in? You could even go that one step further and personalise it with his initials.

Something to Keep Boredom at Bay

Everyone has a fun side. And if the men you know err on the edge of competitiveness, even better. Gaming gifts for men come in all shapes and sizes. You could opt for a digital eGift to take them back to their childhood. Browse our range of eGifts on Whichever you opt for, these gifts for men are sure to bring hours of fun.

When it comes to gifts for men you know, you could also nurture their hobbies and interests with an annual subscription. There’s usually a magazine or monthly gift subscription for any hobby or interest out there, and feeding their interest will bring an added level of excitement to their present.

Something to Experience

If money is a little tight at the moment, one of the most thoughtful gifts for men is to cook him his favourite meal. This doesn’t have to be a romantic occasion if you’re struggling for ideas for your brother, dad or friend. Simply spending the time together over a home cooked meal will be a really heartfelt present.

If you’re in a position to splash some cash, why not take them out for a meal instead? With a Restaurant Favourites Gift Card, you’re sure to be able to find a cuisine that’s right up his street. If you’re trying to keep things romantic, they do say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so this could be one of the best gifts for men you buy!

Whatever it is that the men in your life love, when you’re searching for meaningful and exciting gifts for men, often the best way to go is to give them an idea and let them choose their gifts themselves. This is what’s so great about Gift Card Store’s collection of gift cards and eGifts. Visit our website to search our selection and find the right gift that will take birthdays, anniversaries and all other special occasions to another level.