Choosing thoughtful gifts foryour BFF

Christmas Gifts for your Bestie

One thing we’ve learned this year is how much we all appreciate the little things like being able to see our closest friends; whether it’s at our own homes, out and about or at our favourite restaurant. Our besties have been there for us through thick and thin so when it comes to Christmas, we want to give them a gift that reflects how much they mean to us. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways to show them that you’re thinking of them this Christmas without even leaving your home. Have a read of our suggestions below and make sure you choose a gift that’s as incredible as they are this year.

  1. For the ones who love to lounge: We have spent more time at home this year than ever before, with many of us investing in home comforts as a result. If your friend is a fan of loungewear, you can’t go wrong with a Primark eGift Card. From cosy socks and fluffy PJs to co-ordinated lounge sets and hot water bottles, your bestie can find all their home comforts in one place. To add a real personal touch, why not put together a “mini gift guide” to accompany your eGift with all of their favourites? They’re sure to appreciate the thought behind the gift and it will make them look forward to their spending spree even more!
  2. For the foodies: If your friend is a real foodie, a Restaurant Favourites Gift Card is the perfect gift for them. They can choose where they want to eat from some of the top restaurants in the UK without having to worry about the bill. Not only does this speak to their interests, but it also gives them something to look forward to with a promise of a meal out together when it’s safe to do so. Browse our full range of Food & Drink Gift Cards here.
  3. For the entertainment junkies: If your mate is always keeping up to date with the latest releases, why not treat them to a Netflix eGift Card so they can enjoy unlimited films, TV series and documentaries without having to worry about the cost. If they prefer to listen to things while they’re working, relaxing or on-the-go, you can always treat them to a Spotify eGift Card so they can listen to their favourite music and podcasts offline and ad-free.
  4. For the ones with a passion for fashion: If your pal is the most fashionable person you know, then a Fashion Choice Gift Card is the perfect gift for them. As experts in the field, you can let them choose their perfect pieces from the top fashion retailers in the UK. They can choose to spend the balance in their favourite store or spread the cost across multiple stores – the choice is theirs! Browse our full range of Fashion Gift Cards here.
  5. For the ones in their own world: Gamer world, that is! If you and your bestie love to take part in gaming marathons, or if it’s something they like to do in their spare time then an eGift Card for their favourite gaming service is ideal. We have plenty of platforms to choose from, including Nintendo, Google Play, Blizzard and Roblox so you can be sure your gift will go to good use! Browse our full range of Entertainment & Gaming Gift Cards here.
  6. For the one who says they don’t want anything: We’ve all been there – we ask our friends what they want as a present and they tell us not to buy them anything. While it’s a sweet gesture, we always want to treat our buddies to a gift they’ll love, particularly if they always nail your Christmas gift. Thankfully a One4all Gift Card caters for all interests with over 55,000 locations to spend nationwide. They can choose to spend it on just about anything, including hotel stays, books, homeware, clothing and so much more – They’re guaranteed to find something they’ll love!

No matter what gift you choose for your bestie, the most important thing is to make it meaningful, so they can see how much you care about them. At Gift Card Store, we’ve got plenty of eGifts and Gift Cards which will make great gifts. Plus, you can send a message with each gift, to prompt them to treat themselves courtesy of their BFF. Take a look at our full range of eGifts and gift cards that are sure to keep your nearest and dearest smiling all year!