Christmas Traditions

Getting festive in time for the big day

With Christmas looking a bit different this year, our priorities have shifted as a nation, and the most important thing for many people is spending time with their loved ones and carrying out old and new Christmas traditions together. There are many Christmas traditions that we all share, but each and every family also have their own special Christmas traditions that have evolved over the years. It’s these Christmas traditions that we look forward to throughout the year, allowing us to spend time with our families and spread some festive excitement.

There are plenty of different Christmas traditions which run throughout the month, and those which always take place on Christmas day. You might have stuck to the same ones every year, but there are always more exciting Christmas traditions which you can add to your family’s repertoire to make the festivities all the more magical for kids and grown-ups alike. We’ve delved into all kinds of Christmas traditions here to give you and your family a very happy and exciting Christmas.

In the Run-Up to Christmas

The classic Christmas traditions for the month of December kick off with an advent calendar. Whilst once-upon-a-time these were just for kids, with the addition of alcohol, beauty and even pet advent calendars, these Christmas traditions can now be enjoyed across the board. To get into the festive spirit, light an advent candle as well every night in the run-up to the big day, blowing it out once the wax has melted down to the next day. During the festivities, the Christmas traditions we all love include sending Christmas cards to one another, listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas films. These come out once a year and we always look forward to them! One of the most thoughtful Christmas traditions is giving back to others, so you could consider donating to a charity instead of sending cards this year, or even donating to a food bank.

Traditionally, Christmas trees were put up on Christmas Eve, but these days, everyone’s itching to get decorating theirs as soon as December hits. It’s a great tradition to do as a family, and you can even listen to some Christmas music as you position the baubles on the tree. Some nice Christmas traditions for all the family could be going out to a local garden centre so that everyone in the family can pick out a new decoration for the tree or even getting crafty by making a new decoration each. Something the whole family will enjoy taking part in is wrapping up warm to take a walk around your neighbourhood altogether, admiring the Christmas lights that your neighbours have put up to welcome in the festive season.

Kids love getting involved in Christmas traditions, and one of the more popular ones is Elf on the Shelf. The little ones will wake up each morning in the run-up to Christmas to see what mischief the cheeky elf has been up to overnight whilst they were sleeping. This gets them excited to go to bed every night and instils even more magic into the Christmas season. Christmas traditions with the kids can also include making a gingerbread house to smash on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, or making a wreath to hang on your front door. Keep the magic alive by helping the kids write a letter to Father Christmas.

On the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve is possibly the most exciting night of the year for many children and grown-ups too. It’s a time to spend together with friends and family, and of course, let those Christmas traditions take full swing.

Get in the kitchen together to do some festive baking. Whip up some Christmas cookies or even some seasonal brownies that you can all tuck into when Christmas morning comes around. Wrapping presents is another tradition that inevitably comes around at Christmas, and the night before is the time to get excited by wrapping presents and placing them temptingly under the Christmas tree.

One of the more popular Christmas traditions that has come about is Christmas Eve boxes. You can fill these with things like chocolatey treats for Christmas Eve, a Christmas story, and some reindeer food to leave out for Rudolph and the gang. Another thing to include for the little ones could be a toy shop gift card for them to look forward to spending after the big man has visited. You could even go all out with Christmas traditions by getting everyone in the family some matching festive pyjamas, as these are always nice around Christmas!

Come Christmas Eve night, the excitement will really be setting in, so add to your Christmas traditions with a hot chocolate and a story before bedtime. A festive book such as The Night Before Christmas will let your kids go to sleep with a sparkle in their eyes as they await the arrival of St Nick. One of the most magical modern Christmas traditions is online, at our fingertips. Every Christmas Eve, you and your kids can even track Santa online, so you can see just how quickly he has to work as he travels around the world, and get excited when he’s making his way over to your part of the globe.

Christmas Day

On Christmas day, there’s always an abundance of Christmas traditions to go round. Whether it’s having a dress down day in your matching pyjamas or dressing up to the nines to sit in your own living room, each family spends the big day oozing with their own Christmas traditions that make the day so special. Some families opt for dozens of little presents for each other, others make gifts for one another, and some even go for a family Secret Santa.

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