Getting Spooky

Getting Spooky: Halloween gifts that are all treats and no tricks

October 31st is fast approaching and if you’re looking for Halloween gifts, you’ll need to start stocking up soon! Halloween gifts are not something that everybody opts for, but when the kids (and often grown-ups) are big fans of Halloween, a spooky present is sure to make their day.

There are all sorts of little treats that you could give on the day, whether that’s for trick or treaters or your Halloween-mad friends. There are certainly the traditional sweets that go down a treat but getting a little creative with Halloween gifts will make the festivities even more fun.

Alternative Halloween Gifts for Trick or Treaters

If you and your neighbours are trying to encourage the kids to steer clear of sugar, why not agree to give out some alternative Halloween gifts this year? Kids love stickers, so stocking up on some Halloween-themed stickers will give them some real excitement. They can stick them on themselves, they can stick them on each other, and they can even stick them on their walls and books if mum and dad will let them!

Temporary tattoos are also really fun Halloween gifts for children, especially if they’re spooky ones. These will take their Halloween costumes up a gear and they’ll love showing off their new look as they knock on their neighbours’ doors. With it being darker earlier on in the evenings at this time of year, Halloween gifts get a lot more exciting if they glow. Glow sticks are a lot of fun to wave about in the dark, and can even enhance Halloween costumes, making them even more of a thrill.

If you want the kids to really get something useful out of the Halloween gifts they receive, why not give out a few Kids’ Favourites Gift Cards? With loads of great brands for a small budget, the kids can head out to their favourite shop to choose an extra special Halloween treat for themselves.

Sticking to Food and Drink

If you’re looking for tasty Halloween gifts for your friends and family, but you’re bored of handing out packets of sweets, there are some more exciting ways you can share something spookily delicious. Chocolates in the shape of pumpkins, bats, witches and cats bring some excitement to traditional Halloween gifts. You could also empty some sweets into jars and decorate the jars in a spooky style for a more handmade approach to Halloween gifts.

Otherwise, you could try making your own toffee or chocolate apples for Halloween gifts with an autumnal feel that are marginally healthier than chocolate alone! If you like the idea of making your own Halloween gifts, baking is another really great way to say happy Halloween. You could make cupcakes and decorate them with cobwebs and witches’ hats, or you could give them a flavour of autumn by using pumpkin spice.

Spooky Things for the House

If some of your friends and family like to invite Halloween into their homes, you could opt for some Halloween gifts for the house. Scary books make great Halloween gifts. You can get fun Halloween stories for the little ones, or even full-blown horror novels for the Halloween-mad grown-ups in your life.

These days, you can even get Halloween soaps and bath bombs to give bathrooms an eerie feel. It doesn’t get much spookier than washing your hands with a bar of soap with a witch’s finger sticking out of it or dipping into the bath with purple or black water to make it look like a potion.

If your family and friends enjoy decorating their homes for the occasion, you can’t go far wrong with lanterns and candles for Halloween gifts. These bring a dim light into their house that will really add to the eeriness of Halloween. Many homeware stores will have a Halloween section, so if you’re not sure what ominous ornaments they might like, choose a homeware gift card so they can kit out their home with all the Halloween trinkets they like.

Creepy Clothing

If someone you know isn’t sure about what to wear for Halloween, you could get them an outfit yourself, or even just a Halloween-themed jumper that will help them get into the spirit of spook. As it gets colder, your Halloween-mad friends are sure to appreciate hats and scarves, particularly if they have a creepy feel to them, splashed with pumpkins or skeletons to make fun and practical Halloween gifts.

If your friends have any little ones of their own, consider getting them something spooky to wear. You can get skeleton baby grows or tiny little pumpkin outfits which are incredibly adorable Halloween gifts that let new parents involve their babies in this spooky time of year. You could even go one step further and get your friends pets little Halloween outfits and accessories to really kit their whole house out with Halloween gifts.

Halloween gifts are a fun way to spread some excitement before winter properly kicks in. There are all sorts of Halloween gifts you could choose for every single member of the family, and if you’re ever stuck for ideas, Gift Card Store has your back to find the right treats. Spend as little as £10 all the way up to £200, so you can spread Halloween joy wherever you go. Check out our Kids’ Choice Gift Card if you dare, for a Halloween gift that’ll bring your loved ones all sorts of things that go bump in the night.