Gift Giving

How to become the master of birthday gifts

If you find yourself quaking in your boots at the thought of buying birthday gifts, let us guide you through the world of gift giving with a handful of tips and tricks on becoming the master of birthday gifts, whoever the lucky recipient is.

With these ideas under your belt, buying birthday gifts doesn’t need to be half as stressful as you thought it might be. With Gift Card Store by your side, you can find the right eGift or gift card to wow everyone on your birthday list, all year round.

Before going shopping

If you have a friend or family member with a birthday fast approaching, before hitting the high street or scrolling through the Internet, sitting down and thinking about the perfect birthday gifts you’re after will save you from trawling the shops, waiting for something amazing to jump out at you.

When setting out on your gift giving quest, the first, and possibly the most useful thing you should do is create a short list of your birthday boy or girl’s hobbies and interests. Do they enjoy cooking? Do they love sports? Or are shoes more their thing? List down everything that comes to mind when you think of this person and the sort of birthday gifts they would like. It’s very important to also take their age into account. For example; a 10-year-old and an 80-year-old may both love the outdoors, but an 80-year-old is far less likely to get a lot of use and enjoyment from a new pair of roller blades.

If you know this person well and you see them often enough, you can start to plan their birthday gifts in advance. Take opportunities when you are around them to identify things they might need, as well as their style and design choices. Whenever you hear them mention something they wish they had, or could really do with, make a sneaky note for gift inspiration for later on. If you’re really on the ball, you could also start paying attention to the things they buy for themselves, or have a look over their shoulder as they browse catalogues or cut out vouchers.

If you don’t get to see them as much as you’d like, don’t worry, all is not lost, but this is where it becomes a little more like a spy mission. You may need to recruit a mole in the form of their other half, friends or even parents to find out if they’ve mentioned any birthday gifts they’re after behind closed doors. Alternatively, take matters into your own hands and delve into their social media activity. See what sort of things they’ve been liking or posting to give you an insight into their dream birthday gifts.

Planning in advance is the key to becoming the master of birthday gifts. Having time to prepare means you can make lists, window shop and ask probing questions in the weeks coming up to their birthday. If you’re really prepared you can even set reminders in your phone for a month or so before the big day, so you know to be thinking about what birthday gifts you could purchase.

As you shop

The biggest thing to remember when you’re shopping for birthday gifts for somebody else is that you are not shopping for birthday gifts for yourself. As difficult as this is when you’re shopping, if you’re thinking about what they would like rather than what you would like, you can’t go far wrong. Ask yourself what they might need and whether your birthday gifts could solve a particular problem for them. Often, the best kinds of birthday gifts are those which are incredibly practical but still feel like a treat.

Think back on the history of your relationship with this person. Are there any funny anecdotes which always come to mind, or fond memories that you both treasure? If these can be related to something in the form of birthday gifts, then you’ve found your perfect present. Gift Card Store can cater for any sort of quip or memory, with gift cards and eGifts covering everything from food to clothing. Whatever sparks a memory with your loved one, you can find the right birthday gifts for them at Gift Card Store.

Bear in mind approximately the amount they have spent on your birthday gifts in the past, as it can often make people feel uncomfortable if you spend more on them than they have on you. A perfect way to guarantee you never go over their budget is with gift cards, and at Gift Card Store, you can choose the amount you’d like to spend, so you can be sure you get it just right, every time.

Gift ideas

Once you’ve thought about who you’re buying for, and got an idea of what you think they might need or enjoy, then you can take the plunge into buying birthday gifts. To give them a really special present, try and find ways to personalise your birthday gifts. Give a gift card with a personal message, or wrap it in a specially decorated box that really makes your gift mean that little bit more.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, there’s no shame in simply asking what they’d like. Asking them whether they prefer cooking, reading, sport or any other activity will let you get an idea of what they enjoy without having to ask them directly what they’d like you to buy them for their birthday. Once you have an idea, head to Gift Card Store to bring your idea to life. We have gift cards from every corner of the shopping world, with everything from restaurants and gaming to clothing and toy shops, so we know you can find perfect birthday gifts time and time again. What’s more, you can make your eGift extra special with a personalised message sent straight to your nearest and dearest. Take a look at Gift Card Store’s huge selection of eGifts and gift cards to find birthday gifts which truly make you the master of gift giving.