Giving a Gift Card

How to make it even more exciting

A gift card always makes for a really meaningful present, but with them being quite small in size, not to mention obviously-shaped, it’s a lot more fun to give these generous gifts in a creative way. There are all sorts of different ways that you can make a gift card more exciting to both give and receive.

Use these creative gift-giving methods to offer a present that’s sure to make your loved one smile for more than one reason.

Two Presents in One

Making your gift card go further is easy with these simple ways to include another small gift that make birthdays and other special occasions that little bit more exciting.

1. Money Pouch or Wallet.

If you’re giving them a gift card, they’re bound to need somewhere to keep it until they can spend it at the shops. If you fancy splashing out a little, why not get them a new purse or wallet for their birthday and insert a gift card into a pocket for an extra special gift.

2. Snow Globe.

If you’re a crafty person, you can actually make snow globes with mason jars, but you can also buy snow globes which have space for a photograph, where you can insert a gift card instead! They also might not see the gift card straight away until they’ve played with the snow globe, adding a bit of extra birthday magic.

3. Chocolate.

There aren’t many of us who don’t like chocolate, so it’s a pretty safe bet wrapping a gift card with this sweet treat. You could get a few small bars of chocolate and wrap them all up together with the gift card, or you could get one big bar of chocolate and insert the gift card into the paper wrapping, so that they won’t see it until they open the chocolate bar to start tucking in.

4. Book.

This can be used as an additional gift or as a joke, in that you can go for a book you think they’ll actually enjoy and hide the gift card in amongst the pages as an extra surprise. Alternatively, you could go for a book about something they have no interest in and hide within the pages a high street gift card that will not only put a smile on their face but will give them a huge sense of relief!

5. A Pack of Cards.

If they love to play games, or learn magic tricks, slide your gift card into a pack of playing cards for their birthday. They might not notice it straight away, but when they finally pull the cards out of the pack for a game of solitaire, the gift card will fall right out and surprise them.

6. Socks.

Always find yourself giving socks for birthdays? There’s no need to stray from tradition, but you can make your gifts a little more exciting by sliding a gift card into each sock. The recipient will only be expecting a pair of socks from you, but this time they’ll get an extra treat too.

7. Balloon.

Helium balloons are great fun and impressive too. A great way to give a gift card alongside one of these is by tying the gift card to the end of the ribbon and then enclosing the balloon inside a box. When it’s time for the birthday boy or girl to open the box, the balloon will float to the ceiling and the gift card will be in full view on the end of the balloon.

8. Mason Jar.

This is a really simple way to add a bit more excitement to your gift card. Simply fill a mason jar with their favourite sweets and hide their gift card inside, amongst the sweets. You can also decorate the jar if you’re feeling really crafty.

9. Gift Connection.

A really creative way to give a gift card is by presenting it alongside something related to the gift card itself. If you’re giving a Costa gift card, pop the card inside a reusable takeaway cup. If it’s a Sunglass Hut gift card, why not pop it inside a glasses case? And for a TUI gift card, it would fit perfectly inside a brand-new passport cover. Two presents in one which really go hand in hand!

These simple ways to take a gift card from being a great present to a really exciting one will make giving these crowd-pleasing presents just as exciting as receiving one, so you can now look forward to being the thoughtful gift-giver among your family and friends. Take a look at Gift Card Store’s huge selection of eGifts and gift cards that you can give in a different way, every time!