Lifting your friends’ spirits wherever they are

Lifting your friends’ spirits wherever they are

Lockdown treats are something we’ve all been thinking about recently; in particular, how can we cheer up our loved ones without being there? Lockdown treats will make us smile when we get that knock on the door if we’re the lucky recipients, and will make us excited when we send them, knowing our loved ones will soon be receiving something that’ll put a spring in their step.

Take a look at our list of lockdown treats to feel inspired about surprising your friends with a little something that’ll lift their spirits.

Self-Care Lockdown Treats

Looking after ourselves and our loved ones is so important right now, so sending them a little self-care package full of lockdown treats will certainly help to see them through these trying times. When it comes to making sure your friends are looking after themselves, send them some lockdown treats to keep them feeling at their best. Some skincare products, relaxing bath products or some fancy shower gels and soaps will get them feeling fresh every morning, making them ready for whatever their day holds.

To keep your friends feeling relaxed every evening, you could also send them over some lovely, scented candles, a pair of fluffy slippers or a new set of pyjamas, to get them really settled into lockdown life. If your friends need a little cheering up, sending some flowers is sure to bring a smile to their face, so make sure to include a bunch in your lockdown treats.

If you’re looking out for your foodie friends, there are plenty of lockdown treats you can send through the post that’ll leave them feeling loved. Meal deliveries can be sent at just the touch of a few buttons these days, which are sure to bring a bit more excitement to those long evenings, as well as make family life a little easier for your friends. Not sure what meal to deliver? Let them choose their takeaway of choice with an Uber Eats eGift Card. There are also plenty of tasty lockdown treats which can be sent through the Internet, such as chocolates, cookies, cakes and even cocktail mixes to keep your friends truly treated during their isolation.

Keeping Minds and Bodies Busy

Whilst many of us are self-isolating as much as possible, it’s important to keep our minds and bodies active and healthy. There are lots of ways we can be entertaining ourselves so that boredom doesn’t set in, so make sure your friends are covered too by sending them some lockdown treats that’ll make this time a lot more enjoyable.

Headphones will also make great lockdown treats at the moment. These are something your working from home friends will get a lot of use out of, and will also let your friends listen to their favourite playlists as they get outside for their daily exercise. Why not treat them to a Spotify eGift Card so they can listen to their favourite podcasts or music wherever they go?

As we’re all at home more, it’s important to keep moving as much as we can, so encourage your friends to stay fit with lockdown treats that’ll make them want to exercise. A yoga mat, some weights, some new trainers or some home workout gear are sure to all go down a storm and help your friends to stay well during these trying times.

With the weather getting warmer, many of us are spending more and more time out in the garden. If any of your friends are lucky enough to have a garden, send them over some seeds to plant or some gardening tools to offer them a productive way to spend those sunny days in isolation. Cameras are also great lockdown treats for your outdoorsy friends, letting them document their daily walks or showcase their growing garden plants.

For your artsy friends, send over something crafty such as an adult colouring book, some knitting needles and wool or a sewing kit. A crafty project they can work on during lockdown will give them something productive to do that they can be proud to show off afterwards.

Something as simple as a puzzle book will help to keep your friends entertained during isolation, particularly if they are on their own. If they’re currently living with friends or family, some great lockdown treats are board games, so they can spend some quality time together doing something fun.

Something To Look Forward To

Having something to look forward to during these difficult times is what’s going to let us all stay positive and upbeat, so one of the best lockdown treats is simply making some plans for when you can see your friends again. Plan a getaway, a meal out or a night in together so you can look forward to spending some quality time in each other’s company once again. With a Restaurant Favourites Gift Card, you can gift now and visit your favourite restaurant with your nearest and dearest when it’s safe to do so.

You could sign your friend up to a subscription service to their favourite magazine, or for a monthly delivery of some beauty products or recipes. This will give them something to get excited about, as well as provide the lockdown treats that’ll let them entertain themselves and feel at their best.

Online gifts are one of the best lockdown treats at the moment, and that’s where Gift Card Store’s eGifts come in. An eGift Card will let your friends choose something for themselves that can get delivered to their doorstep, as they know best what will make isolation easier for themselves.

Keeping our loved ones happy is at the top of our priority list these days, and a gift card from Gift Card Store is the perfect present that’ll see smiles spread on your friends’ faces. Take a look at our selection for lockdown treats that’ll make these trying times a lot more fun.