Lift their spirits with some thoughtul gifts especially for them

Putting together the perfect care package

As we continue to persevere through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also entering cold and flu season. Visiting family and friends is no longer an option when they are not feeling their best. Sending a care package is one of the best ways to let your friend know you’re thinking of them if they’re under the weather.

When you’re coming down with something, it’s hard to find the energy to fend for yourself, so a care package will help your friends get back on their feet in no time. If you’re not sure what to put in yours, take a look at some of our ideas to put a smile on your poorly friend’s face and help them to feel like their normal self again.

Feeling Better

A care package is the perfect way to put a spring back into your friend’s step, and make sure it’s full of all the things that are going to help them feel better in no time at all. Include cold and flu medicine in your care package, as they might not be able to go to the shops themselves. Whilst they’re not particularly exciting, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser can really help to stop the spread of an illness, so including these in your care package is a great idea if your friend lives with other people.

Depending on their illness, they might appreciate a packet of tissues in their care package to keep by their bed as they battle through a cold. Alternatively, a packet of plasters or bandages may come in handy if they’re suffering from an injury. Think about what will help them the most in the time of year and make sure you’ve got their needs covered in their care package.

Comforting Food and Drink

When you’re not feeling at your best, something comforting is all you crave, so pack up a few of their favourite things and pop them in your friend’s care package to really cheer them up. Put in a few tea bags, coffee sachets or packets of hot chocolate for an easy way to make a warming drink. You could even put a fun new mug into your care package to put a smile on their face as they sip their favourite drink.

Easy meals and snacks are great things to include in a care package, as your friend will likely be lacking the energy to cook something up for themselves. Microwavable soup is a perfect meal to keep them healthy and warm. Nutritious snacks like cereal bars and dried fruit are great to put into a care package too, as they’ll need to make sure they stay fuelled with goodness to combat their illness. However, when you’re feeling low, it’s important to have a bit of indulgence too. A few of their favourite sweets and chocolate bars will help to get their energy levels up and bring a bit of a treat to their day.

Pamper Care Package

Your care package should always include a bit of something that will let your friend relax and make them feel better in themselves. Give them something comfy to wear like a new pair of pyjamas or some fluffy socks. If your care package box is big enough, you could also throw in a cosy blanket and a hot water bottle too, seeing as most of their time will be spent in bed or curled up on the sofa when they are ill.

Something to bring a bit of joy to their day is the best part of a care package. When you’re feeling rubbish, all you want is something to bring a bit of brightness to your day. A new scented candle or a bath bomb will let them relax, and a face mask, some body lotion or a new nail varnish colour will help them to feel themselves once again with a bit of pampering. A lip balm is sure to make them feel better in this cold weather, and some hand warmers will help them to keep cosy if they do need to nip out of the house.

It can get boring being cooped up inside when you’re ill, so your friend is bound to appreciate a few things to keep them busy in their care package as they wait out their illness. Some new books won’t go amiss, and how about a puzzle book or two to keep their brain busy? Magazines make for nice, easy reading if they’ve not got too much energy, and you could even include a book light in your care package so they can keep reading from the comfort of their own bed.

Go for something personal in your care package too, to really show your friend how much you care for them. This could be a framed photograph of the two of you, or even a collection of printed photographs to bring back some great memories. A small plant also makes for a great gift in a care package. Bring a bit of life and wellness into their home with a little something green that’ll cheer them up every time they look at it. A handwritten letter will also keep your friend’s spirits high as they battle through their illness, and is a great added touch to a care package that won’t cost you a penny more.

Gift cards also make excellent additions to any care package. How about a Restaurant Favourites Gift Card, so they can go and grab their favourite meal when it’s safe to do so? Otherwise, giving them a gift card they can spend online to buy something new, such as a Fashion Choice gift card, will give them something to look forward to and work towards.

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