Sending First Anniversary Gifts

Sending First Anniversary Gifts That’ll Keep the Romance Alive

Anniversary gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate the time you’ve spent together as a couple. First anniversary gifts can be quite tricky though. The first present you’ve bought your other half for an anniversary can pile on the pressure. How much do you spend? Do you go romantic or practical? How sentimental should your anniversary gifts be after just one year?

There are all sorts of choices and decisions to consider, so we’ve explored some ideas to make first anniversary gifts that bit easier. Firstly, it’s best to decide on a budget, to make sure that one of you doesn’t out-do the other. Then, take a look at some of our ideas to decide on special anniversary gifts that’ll keep the spark lit.

Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriends or Girlfriends

If it’s been a year since your first date, that’s definitely something worth celebrating. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Something small and meaningful is perfect for this kind of occasion; showing your other half what they mean to you without chiselling into your savings. Something like flowers or chocolates are lovely anniversary gifts that’ll show them how happy you are with them. Or you could make it even more personal and bake them their favourite cookies or cake.

If you’re looking for anniversary gifts for each other that simply give you the chance to do something nice together to celebrate, then you can’t go far wrong with a romantic dinner date. You could go to the restaurant where you had your first date or maybe splash out on that place you’ve both been eyeing up for a while.

If this last year has been the best of your life and you want to go all out to show your partner how thrilled you are to be with them, how about a surprise trip? This could be one of the most romantic ways to spend your anniversary. You could hand them over a card and inside hide a train ticket to your surprise destination. Alternatively, spa days make great anniversary gifts; allowing the two of you to unwind together in a relaxing and serene environment.

For anniversary gifts that don’t cost very much but really hit the mark when it comes to sentimentality, memory books are the way to go. You can print out a collection of photographs of you both over the last year and stick them into a scrapbook alongside any tickets or memorabilia you’ve kept hold of during your time together. Memory books are really meaningful anniversary gifts that will bring smiles to you both over the years you spend together.

Anniversary Gifts for Husbands or Wives

The traditional anniversary gift for one year of marriage is paper, with the modern version being a clock. This doesn’t mean you have to opt for the obvious journal or desk clock, but you can creatively give something related to one of these, or opt for something totally different if you want to sway away from tradition.

If you want to stick to tradition and get something to do with paper for your anniversary gifts, you don’t have to just give a love note or a card. Think outside the box. Train tickets are still printed on paper, as are cookbooks and novels. Artwork is also generally printed on paper, so you could opt for something that’ll add to the ambience in your home. If you’re looking for romantic artwork, you can get a constellation from your wedding night printed, or even a soundwave of the song you had playing for your first dance. Otherwise, why not get a photograph of your wedding day printed and framed so you can be reminded of that special moment every day. When it comes to paper anniversary gifts, you can even get paper jewellery, such as tiny origami rose earrings for meaningful anniversary gifts that they can wear out for an anniversary dinner.

For modern anniversary gifts, you can always get a new clock for the kitchen. These can now be personalised with your names and the date of your wedding for a special touch. Or if you want to get something they can carry around with them, a nice watch will make a great anniversary present. You could even give them a gift card for a jeweller so that they can choose a new watch for themselves.

If you’re looking for anniversary gifts outside of tradition, you can still create a scrapbook of your time together for a sentimental present. Or plan a trip together somewhere you’ve always really wanted to go. Another nice idea for an anniversary present is to send them a Fashion Choice Gift Card so they can go and choose a nice outfit to wear for your anniversary dinner.

When it comes to anniversary gifts, there’s no set amount that you should spend, just as long as it’s a gift that comes from the heart. First anniversaries are there to be celebrated, so often just spending some quality time together is the key to great anniversary gifts. When you’ve spent one whole year together, you’ll know your partner like the back of your hand, so you’ll know the kinds of gifts they’ll appreciate the most. Often, the gift of choosing something themselves to remind them of you, or to wear at your anniversary celebration are the presents that will mean the most. Head on over to Gift Card Store to search our selection of eGifts and gift cards that’ll mean your first anniversary gifts will stay in their mind for many years to come.