Spark happiness and positivity in yourself and those around you

Spreading Positivity in Times of Uncertainty

Positivity is something we’re all striving for with everything happening in the world right now. But staying upbeat and encouraging those around you to do the same, is what’s going to help us all get through these trying times together. Positivity comes in all shapes and sizes; through generosity, kindness and through motivation, and spreading positivity in whatever form you find it, is so important right now.

Take a look at our tips to spark happiness and positivity in yourself and those around you, both physically and virtually!

Finding Positivity For Yourself

Spreading positivity can also make you feel better in yourself, as if you’re feeling good, you can encourage others to feel at their best too. The most important thing in these trying times is to be kind to yourself. Look after your physical and mental wellbeing by moving around as much as possible and by keeping your brain busy with the things you enjoy too.

Seek out the good stories to share. It’s important to remember that whilst ever there’s darkness in the news, there are always positive stories and anecdotes which come out of it. Focus on these to keep yourself feeling positive. Eat healthily and keep moving to keep yourself as fit as possible, because if your body is feeling good, it certainly helps your mind to feel good too.

Another trick to help yourself feel positive is to write down some things that you’re grateful for. Simply writing down some positive things will encourage you to feel better almost instantly. It could be anything and everything from people and pets, right down to something you’re looking forward to watching on TV. Each of these small positive things will help you to remain upbeat. Plus, if you’re grateful for someone in particular, making sure you tell them exactly how you feel is a great way to spread positivity.

Encouraging Positivity Around You

The most important message of positivity to spread in times like these is to tell people how much you appreciate them and express your gratitude. If anyone has helped you recently to get to grips with staying at home or perhaps, they’ve sent some positivity your way, now’s the time to send some back.

Simple pleasantries will go a long way right now, so make sure you still take the time to wish your colleagues a good morning over video chat or send your friend a text asking how they are. Knowing we’re all in this together will help us to get through whatever is thrown at us. If you can tell someone is struggling to remain upbeat, reach out to them by sending a message or sending them something in the post or via email. You could even send them links to films they might enjoy or to positive stories in the news.

You could also consider reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. We all have a little extra time on our hands now, so using it productively and positively will help you build bridges, reignite friendships and ultimately, spread that all-important positivity.

Any positivity that comes your way should be shared and passed forward in times like these, letting others know about our own positive experiences and those inspiring stories that we’ve heard is sure to put a spring in anyone’s step, so keep sharing and keep inspiring all of those around you.

Giving Positivity Through Kindness

The little acts of kindness will help us all stay upbeat and positive in ourselves and amongst our loved ones. If you’re lucky enough to live with others, hide some notes of positivity around the house for them to find. It’ll perk up their day when they find one and will get them thinking about how they can spread positivity in the house too. For those friends who aren’t quite as close in proximity, send letters! Now’s the perfect opportunity to get yourself a pen pal; it’s a great way to stay in touch and will give you both something to look forward to in the coming days and weeks.

If you’re still able to get out of the house a little, why not make a friend dinner and drop it off at their doorstep? Better still, make a whole batch of dinners and drop them off at multiple houses. Don’t forget to think about any elderly or vulnerable neighbours you have at this time too. Any way you can make their lives easier will spread positivity in the best way. You could go food shopping for someone who’s less able to, or simply just let someone know that you’re there for them if they need you, and just watch positivity take its course.

Something as small as giving a loved one a genuine compliment will bring some positivity to their day. And by sending positivity you’ll find you also welcome it into your own life. If you’re looking to bring some positivity to your loved ones, you could also send them a little gift. Post them something that’ll make them smile or give them something to look forward to when normalcy returns.

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