Truly showing your appreciation

Truly showing your appreciation

It’s easy to say thank you, but when you really want to show your appreciation, thank you gifts go a long way towards showing how grateful you are. You’ll come across many people you’d like to thank along the way in life, from teachers and decorators all the way to friends and brothers, so choosing the right thank you gifts can be tricky.

We’ve looked into the thank you gifts out there and compiled a list of really thoughtful ideas that will show how much you appreciate the people in your life, and everything they do for you.

Something Tasty

When sending thank you gifts, often the most appreciated gift is something that you know they’ll like, and something they’ll like to eat or drink is a thoughtful, yet safe bet. A box of chocolates is possibly one of the most popular thank you gifts, and it’s clear to see why. Being on the luxurious side, a little bit of a treat and most of all very tasty, chocolate is a favourite thank you gift for many.

Something to drink will also go down well as thank you gifts, so if you know what their favourite tipple is, head to the shops to snap it up. For something a bit different, you could instead send some loose-leaf tea, fancy coffee or luxury hot chocolate for an equally luxurious treat that they can enjoy every morning or evening.

If you’re looking for extra special thank you gifts, you could even opt for something delicious and personalised. These days, you can personalise bottles of wine, chocolates and even cookies, so you can essentially write your thank you message on something mouth-watering.

A Little Bit of Luxury

Thank you gifts should be something special. There’s nothing more heart-warming than the kind gestures from people you care about, so sending thank you gifts can really show how much you appreciate them.

Sending a little package of luxury to say thanks will make your friends, family and acquaintances feel appreciated. If you’re looking for things they can treat themselves with, pieces of jewellery are really thoughtful thank you gifts. Anyone can wear jewellery all year round, and feel totally fabulous wearing it, plus it gives you the chance to give something a bit more sentimental. If you’re not sure what style they’d prefer, opt for a One4all Gift Card so they can choose something for themselves.

Flowers and plants for the house are also generous thank you gifts, bringing life and colour into their home, and quite literally displaying your thanks in all its glory. You could also give aromatic candles for luxurious thank you gifts, so they can enjoy the relaxation of a calming scent.

Bath bombs and fancy shower gels are also really lovely thank you gifts, allowing the lucky recipient to indulge in half an hour of pure bliss and relaxation, knowing that you are grateful for them and their kind gestures.

Heartfelt Thank You Gifts

Saying thank you should come from the heart, and often thank you gifts are best when they’re homemade or personal. Anything homemade always goes down a treat for thank you gifts, purely for the effort and thought that is clearly visible in the gift. Baking something is a personal and thoughtful way to send thank you gifts, as they can see the effort and work you’ve put into creating something. Plus, it’s another tasty way to say thank you.

Other homemade gifts include thank you cards, soaps, candles, jams, or even a photo collage of your experiences together. These personal thank you gifts really give an extra level of meaning to your presents, expressing your gratitude with something extra special.

Going All Out

For those times when you’re struggling to contain your gratitude, when someone has gone above and beyond to make your day, it deserves truly special and extravagant thank you gifts.

You could opt for a relaxing treat such as a night away in a hotel or a spa day. This is something that you could join in with them so that you can show your appreciation and also spend some quality time with each other.

Thank you gifts are extra-special because it becomes a sequence of kind gestures between you and your friends, family members and acquaintances. When you’re stuck for ideas, or you don’t know the person you want to thank all that well, gift cards are really thoughtful thank you gifts that you can tailor to the preferences of every single person. Plus, with our eGifts, you can even send a personalised message with your thank you gifts, so you can tell them how appreciative you are of them. Take a look at our eGifts and gift cards to find the thank you gifts that’ll go the extra mile to show your gratitude.