Turning Simple Extra Special

Creative ways to give gift cards

Gift cards are one of the simplest yet most effective presents out there. What makes them such wonderful gifts is that not only does the recipient get to go and choose something that they actually want, but they also get the joy of going shopping for themselves. The only thing left is to make giving gift cards even more fun. You can usually tell when someone has handed you a gift card, but wrapping it in a creative way makes both giving and receiving the gift a lot more exciting.

Get Crafting

If you love getting your hands dirty, or you just want to give your gift some added thought and meaning, there’s no better way to present gift cards than in something handmade. There are all sorts of ways that you can go about this, so get stocked up on paper and glue and get stuck into crafts!

1. Paper Sleeves

These are simple to make and you can decorate them however you please. All you need to do is choose some paper you like, fold it around the gift card to create a sleeve and then use whatever you like to decorate it; stickers, pens, stamps, ribbons... the beauty of this is that you can make it totally personal from you to your loved one.

2. Glitter Box

This one is easy, all you need is a small box of some kind that is the ideal size to slot in a gift card; it could be from pins, sweets or crayons. Then get sticky with some glue and dip every side in glitter. Wait for it to dry, pop your gift cards in and you’ve got yourself a very sparkly, exciting present.

3. Origami Animal Holders

If you’re really good with your hands, challenge yourself with some origami. You can easily find tutorials on how to make owls, dogs, cats and other animals, with the space to pop a gift card right inside. These are a cute, not to mention impressive way to give gift cards that nobody will be expecting!

4. Cassette Tape

If you’re from the era of cassette tapes and still have a few old ones lying about, they’re the perfect size for gift cards! Paint them, glitter them, wrap them in paper or just plaster them in stickers. You can make them whatever you want them to be, then just pop your gift cards inside and watch their face light up as they open your present.

5. Inside a Balloon

This one requires a lot less effort but is still great fun. Stretch the opening of the balloons so that you can fit your gift cards inside, then, once they’re inside, blow your balloons up and you’ve got yourself some excitingly-wrapped gift cards! You can decorate the balloons if you like too, then just before the birthday boy or girl arrives, tie some ribbon around the balloons and hang them from the ceiling, ready for them to pop and receive their gift cards.

Throw Them Off The Scent

There’s nothing more fun than seeing someone’s face when they think they’ve received a really boring gift, and then watching the room erupt in laughter when they realise the real gift is actually the gift cards they’ve been longing for.

1. In a Cereal Box

Here, you could opt for their favourite cereal or a trusty old box of bran flakes. Leave the box full or empty it, that part’s up to you, but the fact that there are gift cards inside will be a lot more obvious if you empty it, so it depends on how mischievous you’re feeling. They’ll either realise that it’s a decoy straight away, or they’ll not find out until they go for a bowl of cereal the next morning.

2. In a Huge Cardboard Box

Ridiculous wrapping is always pretty funny, so a huge box in wrapping paper that feels incredibly light will be suspicious from the get-go. When they finally open it and see the gift cards inside, it’ll be great fun for everyone in the room to watch whilst helping to build the excitement.

3. Something REALLY Obvious

Wrapping gift cards in with something really obvious will throw them off the scent entirely. A sweeping brush or a wooden spoon wrapped tightly in wrapping paper won’t look particularly exciting to open, but when they do and that gift card they’ve been after pops out, it’ll be both funny and exciting for everyone to watch, plus they might get a handy appliance out of it too.

These memorable ways of giving gift cards will give your presents that extra touch of thoughtfulness and make the whole experience for both you and them a lot more fun than simply handing over gift cards. Take a look at our selection of gift cards where you’ll find something for everyone in the family, and start thinking of how you’ll give yours!