Writing a Birthday Card

Making it Meaningful

It’s often hard to choose the right way to give a birthday card. You’ll need to carefully decide upon the right design, the most meaningful words and several other details to make your birthday card a powerful one; one that’ll make the birthday boy or girl feel special on their big day.

When you want to really make an impression with your birthday card, take a look at our best tips to make sure you always send a message that’ll make a difference.

Choosing The Birthday Card

There are all sorts of options when it comes to your birthday card. You could go traditional, funny, pretty, heartfelt, or even inspirational. Make sure you think about who your birthday card is for, and to whether you want to go silly or sophisticated, to make them smile on their birthday. Choose a card that makes you think of them when you look at it to make sure you find a picture and a message that fits them perfectly.

If you often struggle to find the right words, you can even let the card do the talking for you. Pick out a birthday card with a poem or a message written on the inside that says everything you wanted to let the birthday boy or girl know how much you care about them.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the exact artwork you had in mind. If you’ve got a really specific idea, or you just want to put some extra thought into your birthday card, why not make it yourself? Trying your hand at homemade means you can include things like photographs, the recipient’s interests, and even whatever age the birthday boy or girl has reached. The beauty of making your own cards means you have the freedom to show their age, even if it’s not a milestone birthday.

What To Write

Figuring out what to say in your birthday card could be considered an art form. It’s the perfect opportunity to tell the birthday boy or girl just how much they mean to you. Saying heartfelt compliments can be difficult to say face-to-face, so use their birthday card as a chance to express your true feelings. When writing your birthday card, try and write in the same style as you would talk to the birthday boy or girl. This will automatically make your birthday card even more personal and as though you’re speaking directly to them through your birthday card.

Again, when you’re writing a message in your birthday card, it’s important to consider the person who will be receiving it. If it’s someone who you can have fun with and who can laugh at themselves, there’s no harm in a joke or two about getting older, especially if they are older than you are. If it’s a milestone birthday, such as 18, 21, 30 or 40, make sure you mention this somewhere in the card, especially if it’s not within the artwork.

If you’re writing the birthday card for a child, keep it short and sweet. They may not be able to read well or at all yet, so keep your writing legible and your message simple. Also, kids love to share their age on their birthdays, so make sure you make a big deal of how old they are now!

Don’t feel pressured to fill the card with words, unless you want to. Just think about what you love about your relationship with the birthday boy or girl. Share some memories of your times together, use nicknames to make it even more personal. As long as your message is from the heart, your birthday card will be just perfect.

Making It Extra Special

There are plenty of little ways that you can make your birthday card mean even more to the person who receives it. You could try your hand at poetry by writing your own poem or limerick about the birthday boy or girl. Or if poetry isn’t their thing, how about including a recipe you think they might enjoy? This is especially thoughtful if they follow a plant-based, gluten-free or dairy-free diet, for example.

If you want something that’s going to make your birthday card even more exciting, there are a few things you could put in there to really jazz it up a bit. Pressed flowers make a lovely addition to any birthday card and fit perfectly inside too. Confetti or glitter will also make your birthday card one to remember, just as long as they won’t mind vacuuming up the mess afterwards!

Aside from the obvious banknotes, there are all sorts of little gifts you could pop inside your birthday card to make it all the more meaningful. If you’re going big, insert a couple of tickets to their favourite band or comedian, so they can get excited for a night out they’ll love. If the birthday card is for a little one, pop in some stickers, some temporary tattoos, or a Kids’ Favourites Gift Card to make your card even more exciting. If you’re looking for meaningful additions to your birthday cards, why not create your own drawing to pop in? Alternatively, you could print some photographs of the memories you share with the birthday boy or girl, to bring back feelings of nostalgia.

Other little presents could be a packet of seeds for them to plant, or even drinks sachets such as fancy hot chocolates, tasty new teas or interesting coffee flavours. A really exciting little present to include in a birthday card could be a scratch card, so you can let the birthday boy or girl have the exciting possibility of winning big on their birthday. If you want to give your birthday card even more of a personal touch, you could even make your own coupons for a night of babysitting, a load of laundry or a cosy night in; anything that’ll give the birthday boy or girl something to look forward to or something that’ll make their life easier. If you want to give them something that they’re sure to enjoy, pop a gift card in with their birthday card to watch their eyes light up on their birthday.

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